Monday, April 6, 2015

Did you read Short SFF recently? Do you want to?

Did you read Short Stories, Novelettes or Novellas in the past few months? Did you like them? Would you like to share those recommendations with other people?!?

Renay and Jodie of Ladybusiness, Cecily, and I want to know about your favorite short fiction!  So that we can share the love.  So we've got a survey up from April 6 - April 27 (so today through the last Monday in April which makes sense in my head if only in my head).  Tell us about the short fiction written in the first quarter of 2015 that you loved!

Share! Recommend! Tell other people! 

Recommend!  We'll report back on what we've found and heard about in May!

If you don't read short fiction, you should.  Here are three stories from three different magazines that publish it.  You can start with one & then go explore from there.  Hit me up on Twitter if you'd like more venue recommendations, though I certainly don't have an exhaustive list.

Cat Pictures, Please from Clarkesworld is a charming little story about an AI that likes cat pictures.  Wasn't quite my cup of tea, but you might like it.

With a Golden Risha from Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, in which a talented bard is swept up by pirates!

The Half-Dark Promise from Shimmer, a story about a girl with a steam-clock heart making her way home late at night through the haunted streets of Chicago.  Compelling voice!

Go! read these!  Read more from these venues.  Read other things.  Then tell us about them! We want to hear!

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