Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meta Monday - I hate blog posts

It's a bit odd to say this, but blogging makes me realize just how much I dislike it as a format.  Big disclaimer below about how I consume blogs. It's also probably worth noting that I'd like to write about (and mostly read about) not time-sensitive things.  News makes sense in a blog format. Posts full of reviews, thinky-thoughts, and "evergreen" topics, less so.

(Before continuing - I consume almost entirely on my phone, through a combination of an RSS reader and sending Twitter links to Instapaper to read later.  This means I don't really get the full effect of beautiful sites like A Dribble of Ink, and I hate being subscribed to a feed like that only sends a teaser, but has plenty of social media share buttons in its feed).

I'd usually like to do a sustained and focused exploration of a book or topic that's noodling in my head, but those aren't really blog-length appropriate (and in particular *I* wouldn't want to read them.). A really long blog post (as some have suggested) is a pain to consume when I'm scrolling through my RSS feed, plus probably needs revision and structural work.  But a series of short posts need a lot of scaffolding to connect them all.

More importantly, in many cases I'd rather discover the best of what someone's been writing, rather than what they're currently writing about.  

After blogging for a while, I'd like to put a pin in a certain topic, assume it as a given going forward (how many times have I linked to Kameron Hurley's We Have Always Fought? Because it's a pretty damn important text I'm thinking about a lot right now, but also maybe not one I need to link every time unless I do?).  Footnotes are maybe good for this, except when they're not.

I'm not sure what to do with this dissatisfaction. I've set up a consumption habit around blogs, and if someone's site foregrounds "my five best things" I'm likely to either miss them or not go to them because that seems like it would take time. It might be interesting to think about why blogs became such a de facto format (and I'm guessing there's a think piece on it out there), but that doesn't really interest me.

Anyway, I'd like to better utilize archives (when I have them), have a space to think out loud, but then eventually a more definitive pink.  Someday.  For now I'll just spit out content at times and you can subscribe, or visit, or read when I link on Twitter as you choose.

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