Monday, August 18, 2014

Meta Monday - A Technological Bookshelf

Partly inspired by reorganizing my bookshelves, and partly by Damien Walter's recent post about why ebooks are dissatisfying, this is the first of a short series on the things that might persuade me to move primarily to e-books.

Currently I read about half of my books on the iPhone Kindle app and half in physical form.  (I also listen to occasional audiobooks and generally enjoy the experience but they have to compete with podcasts).  My wife reads all of her books on Kindle apps, primarily on her iPad Mini.

As you can probably tell from the tweets, I have an emotional connection to books.  I like seeing them in a room.  I like organizing and reorganizing them.  I think books talk to each other, and the way you set them up matters.  I think a room without books is like a body without a soul.*

Here's what my Kindle app looks like.

(I can also get a list instead of the covers.  I can sort by Author, title, or date last read/downloaded, I believe).

I do actually read a lot on my phone, almost entirely via the Kindle app (I've tried iBooks and Audible, and haven't found any appreciable difference in the shelving experience, or better reading through iBooks).

I'm quite confident that there's space to have really enjoyable bookshelves on electronic devices, I just haven't seen it yet.  The app that gives me that may pull me farther into the electronic realm.

*Mostly here so that I can put "up a Questionable Quotes" tag to give me an excuse to write about On The Shoulders of Giants (OTSOG) someday.

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